Christa Niravong, One Axe Pursuits: Learning what fills her cup, versus what empties it

Apr 7, 2022

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One Axe Pursuits co-founded by Christa Niravong over 20 years ago, provides adventurous corporate team building. Among their offerings, the most popular event is fashioned after The Amazing Race and takes place in Elora, ON. Rappelling and zip lining can add an increased element of adventure!

Niravong said the Rhyze Ventures program provided mentorship specific to her business that helped her develop a strategy to move forward in the wake of the pandemic.

While participating in Rhyze Ventures, Niravong said she learned to consider what fills her cup versus what empties it. “In the busyness of operating a small business, I hadn’t assessed that,” she said. “I now consider how I can fulfill myself in my business – I realized that running team building programs brings me joy.” She also realized she feels energized when negotiating contracts with clients. “I feel deep satisfaction when I win a new contract.”

Niravong especially valued the coaching component of the program which was exactly what she had hoped for. “Some coaches were like therapists for the business and others were more practical focusing on what needed to be done.” Niravong said the impact extended beyond the hour she had with her mentors and advisors often inspiring six more hours of work that had been outlined during the meeting.

Going into the program she said she felt discouraged because of the

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restrictions imposed by COVID resulting in lost business. “Rhyze Ventures encouraged me to have a strategy for the future decade, a direction for the company.” One Axe Pursuits is focused on corporate team building and Niravong is taking a more thoughtful approach to prioritize clients who are aligned with her company’s program objectives. This has become easier with a defined target market or ideal customer. “I’m being more strategic and considering who my audience is and what my goals are, even applying that focus to social media.”

She feels empowered, knowing her value with increased confidence. She has focused her efforts within her business on what brings her the most joy and highest revenue stream especially as restrictions lift and people gain confidence in participating again.

Niravong encourages other entrepreneurs to find mentors. “There’s so much value,” she said. “As a solo entrepreneur you need someone to share business ideas with rather than making decisions in your own bubble.” She appreciated having someone to check in with who encouraged her. She also advises others to believe in themselves and what they are providing.

“Don’t quit! When you choose something you believe in, then, when obstacles come your way, you’re less likely to quit,” she said.

For those returning from remote working back to a shared location, One Axe Pursuits offers a variety of programs to suit all types of group adventure levels, encouraging reconnection and team building.

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