Boundless Startup Program


Boundless Startup Program

The Boundless Accelerator™ Startup Program is designed for innovative entrepreneurs and startups past the idea stage wanting to accelerate their business to revenue and investment.

All participants in the program have access to monthly community calls, workshops, events, premium opportunities, and resources designed for early-stage, innovative startups. The Startup Program is a fully funded* educational and networking program for entrepreneurs with scaling startups and acts as an introduction to all other Boundless Accelerator™ programming.

* There is no cost to participate in Level One or Two; Level Three has a cost-sharing structure as outlined in What to Expect.

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Target Client

Who is this program for?

To be accepted into the Boundless Accelerator™ Startup Program, companies need to meet the following requirements:

  • Must have a scalable product or service that is truly innovative.
  • Founders must work on the business for at least 20 hours per week.
  • The startup must be incorporated or planning to incorporate.
  • Revenue must be under $1 million in annual reoccurring revenue (ARR).
  • Company must be registered as an Ontario headquartered business.
  • Founder cannot be a consultant or solo entrepreneur with a service or retail outlet focused on selling locally and/or unable or unwilling to scale beyond local borders.

* Enrollment is evaluated based on coachability, engagement, completion of surveys and timing. Not all startups will be accepted into the program; however, we will do our best to match all applicants to available opportunities in our network when our programming is not the right fit.

What to Expect

How does this program work?


Level One

  • Monthly community calls and workshops.
  • Access to events, premium opportunities, and resources.
  • Professional Introductions when needed.
  • Regular updates with a Boundless Accelerator Program Manager.
  • Dedicated SLACK communication channel, special monthly Startup Newsletter
  • Required participation: Completion of all monthly and annual surveys, as assigned.

Level Two

  • All inclusions and expectations as detailed in Level One.
  • PLUS up to 24 months of up to two hours (per month) of matched 1:1 mentorship from a qualified mentor.
  • Situational: access to additional (paid) mentorship hours and projects using the Boundless Boost discount coupons only available to clients in this program. Maximum THREE discount coupons available.
  • Speak with the Startup Program Manager for more information.

Level Three

When the 24 months of Level Two support ends, mentorship continuation is available on a “BOGO – Buy one, get one* free” basis for up to one year. Speak with the Startup Program Manager for more details.

  • All inclusions and expectations as detailed in Level One will continue throughout this stage.

* Max. 1 hour per month of fully funded support

Apply Now

The Boundless Accelerator™ Startup Program is accepting new clients, now!

If you are interested in joining the program, fill out the application in detail and tell us about you and your company.
Someone from Boundless will be in touch within five business days.

Contact Boundless Accelerator™ for more information!

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