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PERKS — All the tools you need to get your business or idea to the starting line — and beyond.

In addition to the incredible support such as mentorship, networking and project work that comes with our programs, as a client of Boundless Accelerator™, you also have access to extras that can really make a difference to your business operations. Whether it’s courses, templates, funding sources or companies that work with entrepreneurs, we’ve got your back! Perks and resources are available to you because you’re part of our ecosystem.

If you aren’t a client — but have a service or product that you would like to offer as a PERK for Boundless Accelerator™ clients, please fill out this form to be considered. We will be in touch within three business days with a response. Thank you for your interest.

The companies listed on this page do not pay Boundless Accelerator™ or its affiliates for your business. If you decide to become a client with any of the listed perk providers, you do so at your own risk. Please review the offers and proceed only if you are comfortable with the payment options and services provided. Boundless strives to bring exclusive offers for value-added products and services to our clients, but we are not liable for any failed business agreement(s) or unsatisfactory outcomes should you choose to proceed.
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Embold stands out as Canada’s go-to influencer marketing platform, seamlessly linking brands with over 9,000 local micro-influencers.

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With an all-in-one suite of tools encompassing influencer discovery and campaign management, advertisers can effortlessly reach millions of Canadian customers and captivate them with authentic, engaging content. Offering both a self-serve platform and a fully managed service, they’re able to help brands of all sizes implement an influencer marketing strategy.

Embold is partnering with Boundless Accelerator client to offer all its members access to their self-serve platform at half price for their first 12 months as well as up to a $5000 discount for their first fully managed campaign.

If you are an BA Client and are interested, fill out this form to receive a special code for 50% off and/or for more information.

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NeuronicWorks offers expert turnkey electronic design and manufacturing solutions to support you through the entire product development lifecycle.

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Their capabilities include hardware design, embedded firmware, software development, application design and development, mechanical and industrial design, graphic and UI/UX design, prototyping, and manufacturing. By leaving the design to them, you can focus on other aspects of your business and product launch.

NeuronicWorks offers select Boundless Accelerator clients a free group consultation plus a free 1:1 consultation with a specialist to further identify needs prior to making a decision.

Please fill out the form below for more information about NeuronicWorks and to find out how to access your free consultation.


Inward Strong

Inward Strong is a comprehensive & professionally recognized digital mental fitness platform developed by clinicians to give you anonymous 24/7 access to professional therapeutic support & coping techniques, without going to therapy.


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Are you feeling the “Start-up Burnout”?

Inward Strong is a comprehensive & professionally recognized digital mental fitness platform developed by clinicians to give you anonymous 24/7 access to professional therapeutic support & coping techniques, without going to therapy.

Issues we address include: Stress & Anxiety; Depression; Anger Management; Trauma/PTSD; Addiction; Healthy Relationships; Boundary Setting; Supporting Others; Life Balance; and Mental Fitness.

Boundless Accelerator clients, staff and mentors have FREE ACCESS to this platform by visiting: Mental Fitness ( It is anonymous and BA won’t know you’ve accessed the platform.

NOTE: Inward Strong is not an emergency or crisis service. If you are in crisis, don’t use this site.  These resources can provide immediate help.


CAMSC – Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council

CAMSC, the Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council, certifies and prepares diverse suppliers to successfully engage and respond to corporate and government buyers.

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While connecting corporations with qualified, certified Aboriginal, minority and refugee-owned businesses, CAMSC is dedicated to promoting the supplier diversity in Canadian supply chain. By becoming a CAMSC member, businesses can benefit from access to our extensive database, a variety of networking and matchmaking events and educational programs. Our rigorous certification process ensures that all our suppliers are qualified, and committed to excellence, while our network of corporate members includes some of largest Canadian and international companies. Join us in our mission to drive economic growth and develop a more equitable and diverse supply chain.

Boundless Accelerator client who qualifies for certification will receive a 30% discount ($200 value) off their CAMSC membership fee

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2H Media is a user-first agile marketing agency based in southern Ontario. We help deliver and close leads by offering full-service marketing and design across a variety of platforms.


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By building real relationships and fostering transparency, we help businesses scale online. We are proud to offer services including Web development, Branding, eCommerce, Film and Photography, Email Marketing and Paid Advertising.

2H Media offers Boundless Accelerator clients and alumni to a free consultation with a marketing specialist to investigate if your marketing can be improved across any of our specialties.


CGLCC – Canada’s LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce

CGLCC’s Supplier Diversity Certification is an internationally recognized designation. We certify Canadian, for-profit entities that are at least 51% LGBT+-owned, operated, and controlled.

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We provide onboarding training and professional development sessions on maximizing certification. We connect LGBTQ certified suppliers with corporate opportunities.

CGLCC will provide eligible Boundless Accelerator clients a discount price of $300 to become a certified member supplier (a $200 savings).


The Inclusive Workplace & Supply Council of Canada (IWSCC)

IWSCC is a business council supporting veteran & disabled-owned businesses across Canada.

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They specialize in certifying these businesses as “Diverse Suppliers” and help make meaningful connections between these and corporations & governments specifically looking to do business with Diverse Suppliers.

The IWSCC membership certification processing fee ($100) will be waived for eligible Boundless Accelerator clients and alumni.

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RiverRoad Creative

Over the past 20 years, RiverRoad Creative has been helping entrepreneurs win business contracts and secure millions of dollars in business.

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Winning government and business Request for Proposal (RFP) projects is a competitive process, and often a stressful time for entrepreneurs, but it does not have to be! Over the past 20 years, RiverRoad Creative has been helping entrepreneurs win business contracts and secure millions of dollars in business.

Do YOU want to win more government and business RFP projects? RiverRoad Creative can help!

Boundless Accelerator clients receive:

  • A FREE consultation & RFP assessment (Value $100+)
  • Special rates for RFP application submissions that include:
    • Training and empowerment for an identified team member to learn the best practices of writing compelling RFP applications, and
    • A polished & professional application, ready to submit and use as a template for future RFP project applications.

River Road Creative specializes in positioning businesses as the perfect fit for projects in their niche. After completing the personalized proposal writing training, you won’t need RiverRoad Creative anymore! Empowered with their expertise and experience, you will write your own compelling proposals every time.


OutLoud Speakers School

OutLoud Speakers School provides 1:1 coaching and group workshops to help founders transform their speaking skills so they pitch better, sell better, and grow their business. 

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Many brilliant and hard-working entrepreneurs struggle to grow their business, because they don’t know how to COMMUNICATE THEIR IDEAS. Investors, clients, prospects, partners and team members need to BELIEVE in you in order to work with you. The STORY you tell and the WAY YOU TELL IT matter more than most people think. At OutLoud Speakers School, we do 1:1 coaching and group workshops to help founders TRANSFORM THEIR SPEAKING SKILLS so they pitch better, sell better, create powerful content and grow their businesses.

For Boundless Accelerator members, OutLoud offers 50% off all courses, coaching packages and workshops. Fill out the form to get in touch!

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Pocketed levels the funding playing field by helping Canadian businesses easily access grants, tax credits and incentives. 

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We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Pocketed grant matching platform! Pocketed levels the funding playing field by helping Canadian businesses easily access over $5.9B annually in grants, tax credits, and incentives with their intelligent matching platform and funding solutions. Simply said, Pocketed is a tool to access free money! Get matched, get funded, get financed. Three easy steps to help your business grow with grant funding!

Through our partnership, Boundless Accelerator clients get priority access to Pocketed Basic and 25% off Pocketed Plus. Create your account here or use code BOUNDLESSX to get started today!


Park’N Fly

Members reserve and save up to 40% on airport parking! Pre-book with either the app or website!


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Park at one of Park’N Fly Canada’s valet or self-park locations across Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Montreal, and Halifax) and save up to 40% off. You must pre-book with either the app or website to implement the discount code.

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CoLabour Nation

Tired of doing it all alone? Feeling the need to sprint instead of crawl? Get expert help without adding headcount or payroll by hiring truested, vetted Canadian freelancers to help with your everyday business needs.

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CoLabourNation connects startup founders with trusted and vetted Canadian freelancers to help with your everyday business needs.

  • SAVE TIME searching for talent. CoLabourNation recommends 2-3 vetted Canadian freelancers per project request.
  • SAVE MONEY with reduced talent search and hiring costs. Founders pay a one-time fee to receive hand-picked freelance recommendations.
  • GAIN TIME BACK to focus on your highest priorities when you outsource to freelancers.

One of the main benefits of outsourcing tasks to freelancers is that it allows you to allocate your time more efficiently towards your top priorities.

CoLabourNation Freelancers can help with:

Graphic Design ~ Social Media Content ~ Content Marketing  ~ Copywriting ~ Website Design & Build ~ Digital Marketing ~ Online Advertising ~ Email Marketing ~ E-commerce Websites ~ Photography & Videography ~ Business Automation ~ CRM Management ~ Bookkeeping, and more!

Boundless Accelerator clients can receive the following:

  • A discounted matching fee ($100) that includes recommendations to 2-to-3 freelancers who can help business owners with their projects.
  • $50 coupon to use towards the cost of The (optional) Freelancer Onboarding Package* More details during the 30-minute free consultation.

Share your startup needs on the form below, today, and take charge of your journey with a FREE 30-minute consultation with CoLabourNation!

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Members can receive a 1 hour consultation on any IT issue they need addressed! 

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Synergenics is a community focused provider of IT resources and support for small to mid-sized business.  They have been supporting business in Guelph and the surrounding area for more than 30 years.  They would be happy to discuss any IT related challenges your business is facing, or new projects you want to entertain.”

Innovation Guelph has become Boundless Accelerator