5 Ways to Support a Circular Economy this Holiday Season

Dec 11, 2023

Written by: Shawna Hamilton


  1. Purchase Upcycled/Refurbished. No, it’s not ‘regifting’! Many retailers and local makers take unique pieces of furniture or décor destined for landfill, and give it a new life with fresh paint, functional parts, or a modern pattern. Check out thrift and vintage shops. Spend money locally where possible, support entrepreneurs and shop from brands you trust that source products sustainably or have circular business practices.

Remix Snacks Bean Bark

Upcycled party favours too! Here are some upcycled snack ideas that would be perfect for a holiday platter:

  • Bruized – Upcycling imperfect produce into healthy eats including pulp crunch, cookies and spiced chutney.
  • Remix Snacks – High-protein bean-based snacks such as bean bark and bean puffs.
  • Spent Goods – Turning brewery spent grains into your favourite upcycled bread products.
  • Abokichi – A Japan inspired food brand using upcycled ingredients to create condiments, ramen and miso soup.


Shiki Wrap

2. Ditch the Disposable Wrapping Paper and use leftover fabric, newspaper, or reusables. Even items you find at thrift stores can make great decorative boxes or bags. You’ll reduce waste, but also save on money down the road! No more giant bags filled with paper scraps at the curb!

Here are some fun alternatives to traditional wrapping paper:

Donating Food

3. Donate What You Don’t Need. Consider donating your time or resources to those in need. Help distribute food by donating non-perishables to local food drives. Donate housewares to thrift and second-hand shops, and small appliances to your local tool library.

 Check out these links for suggestions of how you can help this holiday season:


  1. Get Crafty with Handmade Gifts and Décor.

    Handmade Ornaments

    How many times have you heard people say they prefer handmade gifts?! We all love that personal touch. Use found items or items you have at home to create something. You don’t need to be an artist!

Here are some easy ideas to get your creativity flowing:



5. Opt for Virtual Gifts or Experiences such as a subscription to an online journal, meditation app, or a gift card to a local entertainment venue (bowling, movies, restaurants). What better gift is there than spending time with your loved ones? Or, take it one step further and donate to a cause in someone’s name.

Here are some virtual gift ideas:

  • Uncommon Experiences offers a variety of virtual classes
  • Givesome is a giving platform that lets you see the impact your donations have in the world




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