Katie Skyvington, Travelling Physio: Gaining the confidence to take ownership with increased savvy and know-how

Apr 18, 2022

Katie Skyvington - RV Success Story
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Katie Skyvington is a mobile physiotherapist specializing in orthopedics, pediatrics and pelvic floor therapy in her company, Travelling Physio. The Rhyze Ventures program participant provides cost-conscious, high-quality mobile care with the convenience of treating people in their own space.

Skyvington had participated in another business program, Starter Plus and was looking for more support. Rhyze Ventures’ focus on women supporting women appealed to her. “My practice has taken off with the support of other women, and, my client base has a significant percentage of women,” she said.

One of the things Skyvington learned during the program is that people want to help! “I’ve always been independent and fearful to reach out,” she said. “Helping my patients is what I enjoy most. I realized there are people who want to help and support me; and I need to ask for it.”

The program has also helped her learn about business logistics giving her the confidence to take ownership and approach meetings with increased savvy and know-how. Olga George-Cosh, Skyvington’s business advisor has provided frequent support throughout Rhyze Ventures. “She gets my business,” Skyvington said, adding the program has been valuable to her growth. “It has been transformational.” She said she also valued the monthly meetings with her mentor and another participant who helped with the loneliness of being a solopreneur and in building a support system.

During Rhyze Ventures Skyvington addressed three challenges.

  1. Prior to the program her business was based on word-of-mouth referrals. A solution for expanding her client base was to reach out to her community partners for referrals. She now has 50 consistently sending her patients.
  2. She has developed the confidence to grow her business to where she is planning to bring on new staff.
  3. Instead of trying to address all areas of treatment, she is specializing within niche areas that she will develop and expand programs around.

“I love what I do and I’m fortunate to do this as my business,” she said. “Before I was a physio who owned a business, now I balance the two roles better.”

Skyvington reports tripled revenue compared to the same period last year and increased confidence and understanding in running her business that has also benefited by the extended network. She advises other entrepreneurs to build a support system that helps when facing societal weight of carrying dual roles as a woman in business.

“I’m so grateful for Rhyze; it has been transformational in terms of my confidence in running a sustainable business,” Skyvington said.

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