The Good Card: Realizing All Things Are Possible

Feb 4, 2022

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Ashley Baker, owner and founder of The Good Card, created plantable greeting cards that have a second life, growing wildflower plants.

Baker said as her company grew, she became aware of new opportunities including the Rhyze Ventures program that she found to be a grounding place where she discovered mentors and community. “I gained a sounding board where I could learn from others and share with colleagues,” she said. “Community is so important as a solo entrepreneur.”

During the program, Baker learned to think bigger. “Working with my mentor on my company’s vision for growth, I learned to think bigger than just what I can manage by myself,” she said. “She pushed me to dream bigger.”

Baker said she valued the one-on-one guidance of her mentor addressing problems, finding solutions and receiving industry expert advice. She also valued the community of women, in a shared space of learning, addressing big concepts that she’s not sure she’d have learned anywhere else. The program helped her work through defining her goals and creating an achievable plan she hadn’t considered attainable. “With the help of everyone, I’m realizing all things are possible,” she said. In helping her to work through things in a new way, the program helped her see things from a bigger perspective that changed how she operated in her business. “Before I was putting out fires, operating in the moment and I wasn’t good at managing inventory,” Baker said. She has become more proactive. “I’m not just an operator, I am an owner looking to support growth, not just get by.”

Baker said due to the pandemic and reduced commuting time to work, she had more time at home to explore her ideas. She is enjoying in-person feedback now that there are more opportunities resulting from less COVID restrictions.

Completing the One Of A Kind show in Toronto was a big milestone for Baker who had attended the show when she was younger. “I grew up going and now to be back as a maker with 400 other people achieving their dreams – it is so inspiring,” Baker said. “Talking about my products and seeing faces light up along with the support of orders, it is really opening doors and will potentially be life-changing for my business.” Attending the show had the spin-off benefits of potential partnerships, collaborations, and wholesale opportunities. Baker’s The Good Card was listed in the Rising Stars section!

She advises other entrepreneurs not to feel like they must do it all themselves! Baker is now learning how to delegate. “To be a legit business owner you have to prioritize your time and focus on growth and development,” she said. “That might mean delegating or asking for help.” She also advises that having a community makes it all more comfortable.

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